If likewealwaysdo just followed you,

that’s ME. I just followed almost EVERYONE from here, save for a few fuckyeahs or blogs that weren’t updated in forever.

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I’ll be posting there from now on.

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Follow me there.


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NEW TUMBLR. I’ll be posting this several more times.

Just so people realise I won’t be posting here anymore, but will instead be posting at likewealwaysdo. I’m also going to work on following a good chunk of who I follow here.

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holy shit i think i may go to uganda in october.



now that this is an actual possibility it is freaking me out. i’ma do it. i’ve been waiting since 5th grade with my dreams of being in the peace corps etc etc. maybe it’s time.

That sounds like an aaaamazing opportunity and I hope you follow your heart with your decision to go! :D If you do, hopefully you’ll write on here when you come back and get a chance- I’d love to read about it :)

That does sound AMAZING. I hope I get to go someday. GOOD LUCK if you do go and I know from my own desire to go there how amazing an experience it will be.

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I’ll be using it from now on. Go & follow.


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these things take time, love. these things take backbone.

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I laugh when you say “bare with me.”

You’re just asking me to get naked with you.


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Know what I hate?!

When I come up with a FABULOUS tumblr name, but someone already has it and they only have ONE post on there and it was from a million years ago and I can’t have that name.

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Now’s the part where I spend 234389275389247 hours coming up with a new tumblr name.

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